Phideaux - New York, NY

  • “Fiendish” CD OUT NOW! Click here to receive a FREE copy!
  • “Ghost Story” CD, 1997 (to be released early 2004).
  • “Wily Creilly” (from the “Ghost Story” CD)
    appeared on the OUTMUSIC COMPILATION CD, 1996.

Digitalis - New York, NY

  • “DIGITALIS” CD, Subnumbula Records, (currently in production).
  • “Grab The Future By The Face” CD, Subnumbula Records, 1994.

SugarTime - New York, NY

  • “Girlcrash” & “Gemini Enemy” 7" single, Ringers Lactate Records, 1992.
  • “Awestruck” & “Psychemail” 7" single, Simple Machines Records, 1993.

Of Cabbages & Kings - New York, NY

  • “Blindness” & “The Reign” 7" single, XXX Records, 1990.
  • “Basic Pain, Basic Pleasure” LP, CD & cassette, XXX Records, 1991.

Azalia Snail - New York, NY

Live Skull - New York, NY

  • “Dusted” LP, CD & Cassette, Homestead Records, 1987.
          *Spin Magazine Platter Du Jour 1997.
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  • “Snuffer” EP, Caroline Records, 1988
  • “Positraction” LP, CD & Cassette (CD & cassette also included the “Snuffer” EP tracks), Caroline Records, 1989
  • Contributed 2 songs on “The End Of Music As We Know It” Cassette Compilation,
    (band members performed as Needle Nose) ROIR Cassettes, 1989
  • “TRI-POWER” appeared on “LIKE A GIRL, I WANT YOU TO KEEP COMING” Compilation CD & LP, 1989
  • Appeared on many other compilations

Ruin - Philadelphia, PA

  • “Twilight” & “Phenomenal Expression” —sound-sheet in Terminal ! magazine 1984.
  • Proof & “Love Dog” Appeared on the “Get Off Our Backs” Philadelphia Hardcore Compilation, Red Records, 1984.
  • He Ho LP, Red Records, 1985.
  • Songs of Reverie & Ruin CD, consisting of the HeHo LP tracks, the 2 songs from the Terminal Magazine sound-sheet, the 2 tracks from the “Get Off Our Backs” Philadelphia hardcore Compilation, plus other studio versions & rare recording, and remixes. Blackhole Records, 1996 .

Little Gentlemen - Philadelphia, PA

  • “Broken Toys” LP, i.e. Records, 1986.
  • “1985” single appeared on various compilation records

Urban Sounds of Decay - New York, NY

  • “(Untitled)” CD Currently in Pre-production

The Spirit Valentine - New York, NY

  • “Name Your Poison” CD (percussion overdubs) (being pressed now)

True West - New York, NY

  • Demo CD, 2001

Two Ton Rhino - New York, NY

  • “Random Thoughts” CD (currently in production).


  • US West Coast mini-tour—Of Cabbages and Kings, 1991.
  • US Midwest mini-tour—Of Cabbages and Kings, 1991.
  • US Midwest mini-tour—Of Cabbages and Kings, 1990.
  • European tour (England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Austria)—Live Skull, 1989.
  • North American tour (Mid-and Southwest, East and West Coast, Canada)—Live Skull, 1989.
  • North American tour (Mid-and Southwest, East and West Coast, Canada)—Live Skull, 1988.
  • US West Coast mini-tour—Live Skull, 1988. Southern US mini-tour—Live Skull, 1987.
  • Numerous excursions up and down the East Coast.


  • Discovery Center, New York, NY      1988
          Congas, bongos, and timbales. Tony Raciatti, instructor.
  • Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA      1986-87
          Music-Related Courses: Stage Lighting and Production, Applied Music I and II (guitar),
          Audio/Visual Production, Physics of High Fidelity, Introduction to Music Computer, Music
          Marketing Management, Advertising and Advertising Management
  • Bob Zatzman, Philadelphia, PA      1979-1981
          Bass & guitar lessons.
  • Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, PA      Summer, 1978
          Studied music theory, violin, piano, and recorder.
  • Drum lessons from various teachers, including Dam Mulamed and Michael McGettigan, in Philadelphia & New York, from 1980-1992.


  • PRINCE STUDIOS, New York, NY      1989
    Part-time Rehearsal and Recording Studio Assistant
        Set up P.A., mics and amplifiers, performed line checks, and tuned drums, for band rehearsals.
        Verified condition of studio equipment after use.
        Set up microphones, tuned and played drums for level check and E.Q. for recording sessions.
        Scheduled rehearsal sessions, and answered phones.
  • MANDELL THEATER (Drexel University), Philadelphia, PA     1987  
        Part-time Theater Stage and Tech Crew
    Operated audio and light board.
        Hung, focused and gelled stage lights. Loaded and balanced stage
        weights. Operated light patch panel.


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