DIGITALIS is a drug prepared from the seeds and leaves of the foxglove and is used as a cardiac stimulant.

The band, DIGITALIS, makes music that's like a drug; rocking your body and stimulating your heart. DIGITALIS is one of New York City's most innovative new bands.

Not content with just following the crowd, DIGITALIS makes new and different music that is relevant to the 90's and exemplifies the ideological roots of Punk; today's music for today's generation. "This ain't no retro band", says vocalist John Myers. "When Punk was born those bands didn't look to recreate the past, nor did they care what everyone else was doing. They looked within themselves and created what they felt at the moment. There was a raw honesty and a high amount of originality to the music. We take that as our inspiration and as a challenge to express the real issues and feelings of today." DIGITALIS invites you to join them and Grab The Future By The Face!

Based in New York City, DIGITALIS began performing in the spring of '95 and has been attracting a local area following. The subsequent release of their CD EP titled, Grab The Future By The Face, on Subnumbula, seeks to establish them as a highly original and creative force in the New York underground today.

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