bloody rich's drummer survival guide

Being a professional drummer means acting like a professional even if you're not yet. I'm sure most pro drummers did something of a crap job before they could pay rent with drumming— unless they had rich girlfriends..... so you have to have priorities.

Forget going out to dinner & expensive vacations - your money goes to drums & equipment, lessons, your time goes to drumming, gigs, rehearsals, more practice. If you don't really love that—you don't really want to be a pro drummer. Maybe people say they want to be pro—but they don't enjoy the actual work involved....

And FORGET DRUGS ! ! ! They zap your money, your focus, your time , your life.. Dedicate to your music, try to be a people person, playing as often as possible with as many different people as possible, go out to see other bands, and you WILL have some type of success - if nothing else, you will have the TRUE success of playing drums often, being the best musician you can.

I have toured, gigged, recorded, etc., and for short time periods made my entire income drumming, But I make little money drumming now. I have a few records currently in production, and I have a few bands starting to get out there, working the web & email. I get paid to rehearse with one band, and I will be paid to record with another soon. I love looking at the collection of CDs, LPs, & 7" singles that I drum on. If I don't get rich off this, & have to keep my day job, I will still be proud of the success I've had. So keep practicing as much as you can. Don't feel you have to do 5 to 6 hours a day —1 minimum is a good start. Your dream may come true.
home I'm 39& I love drumming now MORE THAN I DID AT 20 ! ! ! !

So don't think it is sad that you 'couldn't make your dream come true'. Your drumming career is just starting ! And if you 'have to' work a day job— yeah, you have less time - but more $$ for better drums! ! !

You are always at a new threshold in terms of finding your talent. You will only get better if you keep at it !