bloody rich's drummer survival guide
practie pads

I took a regular practice pad and glued another piece of rubber over it for less bounce. This makes the stick go into the rubber more before bouncing more. I also glued a mouse pad on the bottom of the pad (again, absorbs some impact, reducing bounce). Then I put it on a soft surface—it feels very similar to a real kit. home home

When I want to work on precise sticking I play the pad on a table to get more bounce. This way I can get into each hit. I also play on just a pillow sometimes. Playing on a pillow is good because when you go to a kit you get more bounce. The pillow makes you work your muscles more. Playing on a regular pad is so that you can work on stuff with the extra bounce.They all have their purposes.... I use a pad, a pillow, and sometimes I go all out and use a real kit to practice !