Setting Goals as a Drummer
Ask yourself:— What are your goals as a drummer? To play like your favorite drummer? If so, is your goal also be to be in a band that requires a drummer like your favorite drummer? How— about covering his/her band? Or, you can just want to play like him/her on your own, and not care about being that type of drummer when playing in a band. (I’ve known drummers who have a personal drumming style & a band style.) Or you could find an original band where that fits in. There are many ways to do what you want.

Set your goals.
And don’t assume you really know what they are now. Think about it.

Do you emulate a certain drummer because you think the band & songs are great? Do you like playing that way? Or you want to be in that kind of group? Or just in a popular group? Would being in a cover band be more satisfying than an original band where this style cannot be played?

Think about what is most important to you. Some drummers will play anything so they don’t have to work a day job; others will only play what they to play no matter if they make money or not; others drummers love a certain band & cover them.

Whatever you decide - don’t do it half-assed. And remember, if you don’t love doing the work, you really don’t love being a drummer....
So you must decide what being a drummer means...
It is your life......
Don’t let anyone else tell you what your style has to be.
But stay open minded.