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I am currently looking to join a serious, professional band.

I will dedicate totally to a project that I feel is great & is going somewhere. Please contact me if interested:
by Email at richard@bloodyrich.net,
by mail at 36 E 4th St Apt 1RE, New York, NY 10003

While I am searching for that band, I am available on a 'for hire' basis, for gigs, recordings, tours, rehearsals, events, etc.

I do this "mercenary work" for many reasons: to keep my chops up & expand my skills, to broaden the styles I am experienced in, to get to know more musicians, to expand my discography, &, frankly, to make money. I currently do this for a few projects, who can vouch for my professionalism. I would, however, much rather find that perfect band that I would join.

Why you should have me as your drummer:

  • Experienced in many styles, from classic rock, heavy metal, hard rock, old school punk, hard core thrash, garage rock, alternative, grunge, industrial, noise, no-wave, pop, experimental, college rock, ambient, etc.
  • Have toured Europe, Canada & the USA.
  • Have recorded many times for indie & "indie/major" labels, including recording a John Peel session for the BBC. Have had a recording chosen as a SPIN Magazine "Platter du Jour" (pick of the month).
  • Have gigged over a thousand times, from small clubs, art galleries, & parties, to arenas, outdoor festivals, and even in radio stations live on air.
  • Have received radio airplay with various groups, including live shows 'simulcast' & 'in-studio on-air' performances, & have had videos played on MTV.
  • I Am prompt, arrive prepared, am willing to take orders, & listen well.
  • BMI-affiliated writer

Please, serious inquiries only!

To contact me:
by Email at richard@bloodyrich.net,
by mail at 36 E 4th St Apt 1RE, New York, NY 10003


My rates as a "Drummer for hire" are reasonable, flexible, and negotiable. I am willing to work for less and/or for free, in situations such as if a band has a gig on a national TV show, features a 'name' member, has a hit song, etc.

If you hire me or I join your band: I not only bring my drumming, but also:

Posting of band info, gigs, record release information, etc., on my website.

Ability to create a band website.

Sending out information about the band, gig or record to my 300+ name Email list.

Creation of bass drum head with band logo/name on it.

Creation of an MP3.com page using band's CD, scanned photos and text.

Links on my website.

Selling of band recordings & merchandise on my site.


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